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You Can Make Money Doing That?

I was recently reminded of a story from my college years. I chose to major in Civil Engineering when I graduated from high school, and it only took me a semester to figure out I had made a mistake. The problem was I didn’t know what else to do, so I stuck it out for three semesters…just long enough to lose my scholarship and become deeply depressed about my life.

On one particular evening, my roommate, Chris, came home and asked me why I was in such a bad mood. I explained to him that my life was over, and I would probably have to go home and work for my dad until I died. I had entered college as valedictorian of my senior class, only to fail all my engineering classes. We then had the following exchange:

Chris - “But you like to help your dad with his store’s books, right? Why not do that?”

Poor Jonathan - “Yeah, but you don’t get paid for that, do you? I thought it was just something you had to do. What’s it called?”

Chris - “It’s called accounting, you moron. Go change your major and stop feeling sorry for yourself.”

Thus, began my journey into accounting. Thank god for my roommate!

I met with a new entrepreneur the other day, and as she described her business to me, I found myself thinking “Can you get paid for that?” What I meant was, it seemed like such a niche business, how could she only get paid to do that ONE THING? While we aren’t working together just yet, I did find out the other day that her new business has brought her into contact with three new clients, and she’s working on a fourth. I think she has found a very valuable niche business, and I hope we get to work together soon.

There are those who leave their 9-5 job and go home to do something they really enjoy, after hours. It may be writing or blogging, it may be scrapbooking, it may be posting entertaining and/or educational videos on YouTube. But they love it, and they have a true passion for it. What holds them back is the notion that their passion will never generate any income. I am here to say that they may be incorrect in that notion.

And the possibility of being incorrect is worth exploring, isn’t it?

What if you could get paid to do something you really loved? Isn’t that what entrepreneurship is all about? I know it’s what my life is all about. I wonder some days how I get paid to do something that I love this much. Do you have something you REALLY love to do, but you think it can’t make you any money? Let’s talk about it, because if you’re wrong, you’re robbing the world of your contribution. And that would be a shame.

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