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The Possibilities are Endless

and that is the scary part.

Entrepreneurs seem to always be caught in an eternal cycle of “things could be better” or “things are so good, I can’t keep up.” Most of you are sole-owner businesses, where you’re the chief architect of the work that goes on, so you are always running between being too busy and not busy enough.

It’s a difficult balancing act, isn’t it? Even for those of you who have teams that assist you with the day-to-day work, whether made up of subcontractors or employees, you soon find yourself struggling to run your business and stay out of the tall grass. There’s the pull between doing the technical work to stay on top of the wave and the “CEO” work of running your business and leading your team.

Meghan and I talked about this the other day, and she said something that has resonated with me since:

 “Yes, the possibilities are endless, but that’s the scariest part. What do we do if we get what we always wanted?”


That was heavy.

Possibilities are endless purely by definition. We don’t know what will happen. Maybe everything turns out wonderfully, or maybe everything falls apart. It’s likely that the eventual outcome lies somewhere in the middle.

As entrepreneurs, we’re intrigued by possibilities. We love playing out different scenarios and wondering “what if.” We love reading books and blog posts by other successful entrepreneurs we admire and then placing ourselves in the story to wonder what we’d do if we were the protagonist. But have you ever TRULY wondered how you’d handle the success that lies on the other side of possibility….wondered how you’d handle success when it became a reality?

Have you ever planned out how you’d grow beyond the role of the technician to the role of leader and CEO of your company? Is it possible that by NOT planning for that success you’ve actually short-circuited the possibility of achieving it?

I think that’s a valid discussion to have. Let’s analyze the possibilities and plan for the time when those possibilities become reality. What does the next set of possibilities look like?

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