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The ONLY Reason to Keep Doing This

This is why you get out of bed

As an entrepreneur, I can PROMISE you that you will have a day where you wonder,

"Why in the hell did I decide to do this?"

It may be first thing on a Monday morning, when you realize that you have payroll on Wednesday and you are broke; it may be on a Friday evening at 11 PM when you're still working, and your friends have asked you to join them for a cocktail; or it may be while you're on vacation with your spouse, and you get that frantic email that HAS to be read and dealt with before you can enjoy your poolside lunch. But it will happen.

The only way you, as a human being with emotions and a threshold for pain, can deal with these periods of sensitivity and doubt is to have your answer to this question ready to go. You need to be able to actually say it out loud when the doubt strikes so that you can fend off the debilitating impact of stress and the great "unknown."

So, what's your answer?

You've read "Start With Why" by Simon Sinek, right? If you haven't, then you need to read it soon. I think the best place to begin vetting your answer to that question is to start with why you're actually involved in your business of choice.

How you do things is something that makes you sounds techy and cool...what you do is also important, but the be-all, end-all is "why".

Why is where the magic happens. As people always say, people don't buy what you do, but why you do it. I think there's wisdom there.

So, let's start with an example. Let's start with why my firm is in existence. 

I will work for no one harder than I will work for myself.

I have tried. For me, there is no satisfaction in an hourly wage, climbing a corporate ladder, or having stock options. Don't get me wrong, these are great things; they just don't motivate me. I just think I can do it better on my own.

I had a hunch that I am not the only one, which is why my firm exists to serve entrepreneurs and small family businesses. To help them serve their customers and clients in the best way possible and to become profitable so they can contribute to their families and communities, and to further the spirit of entrepreneurship. We think entrepreneurship is the ultimate "pay it forward," so we work really hard to keep that train moving.

Your answer has to be as strong as Captain America's shield, and as resilient as Nelson Mandella's spirit. It has to be your port in times of bad weather, your energy boost in times of exhaustion, and the quickest thing out of your mouth when people ask you about your business. This answer has to be the thing that drives you out of bed when the only thing you want to do is crawl back under the sheets, turn off your alarm, and draw the blackout curtains on your day. Your clients, your customers, your family, and all their families depend on you to get up. Make that answer a strong one!

So, how would you answer the question? Why do you do what you do?

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