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The Mayor of Suckville


At one point in my entrepreneurial career, I was feeling overwhelmed, defeated, frustrated, and ready to stop exploring a new idea I had for the comfort of not facing any more disappointment. That time was about six months ago.


I wrote out all of my frustrations and sent a diatribe to my wife, Meghan. I anointed myself The Mayor of Suckville in the manifesto, wallowing in all of the self-pity I could muster, while crying out for something to change. (Yeah, it only occurred to me later on how dumb all this sounded.)

It took a few conversations with Meghan to figure out that maybe things weren’t quite as bad as I thought. I tend to look at things in a vacuum when I get frustrated…my checking account isn’t where I want it to be TODAY; I’m not adding value to clients like I wish I could TODAY; I am sick of the status-quo TODAY. Looking down the road a little bit and recognizing the promise of the future is what I was missing.

Every entrepreneur I’ve ever met has felt this way. I wasn’t immune, and I forgot that. I hold myself to a higher standard, and I find myself surprised when things happen to me because I thought I had planned better, or anticipated events more adeptly. I’m not perfect, and my state of mind in July was reminding me of that.

It took me a while, but I broke out of the funk. I was tired of being The Mayor of Suckville. I was tired mostly because none of it was true. I was living in this bubble of self-imposed misery and only I could pop it. I turned over the ballot box and started over again, and lo-and-behold, I hadn’t won the election after all! Suckville has a lot of officials…it’s more like a large company with 1000 executive vice presidents, many of whom wander the halls micromanaging their respective teams, popping in and out of meetings, but adding no real value anyplace. Suckville didn’t need me, so I resigned and took up my post as a very fortunate but momentarily blinded entrepreneur.

If this happens to you, I’ve just given you an open invitation to call me and vent. The best person to whom you can vent is someone with whom you can relate. I know as I write this that another entrepreneur is feeling this way.

Consider my door open.

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