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The Entrepreneurial Life, Reimagined

If you had asked an entrepreneur in the 1990’s if she imagined that one day, you could work from pretty much anywhere with a very small laptop and a phone that connected you to anything, anywhere in the world, she would have thought you were nuts. Maybe you had lost your mind at a Green Day concert or something.

My wife, Meghan, and I had dinner last night with a client who works as a subcontractor for another of our clients, and she has been traveling the US over the past few months. She has traveled from coast to coast, stayed with friends and family, watched the sun rise on the West Coast from a house on the ocean, and walked Times Square with friends in NY. All the while, she spends her days working on her laptop, calling vendors on her iPhone, earning money while spending very little on fixed expenses.

Some of you may look at that lifestyle and immediately think “Well, that’s not for me. I could never do that.” That’s a very valid response. Others will read this and think “What have I been doing wrong all this time? How can I have some of that?” Again, a very valid response. There is no right or wrong response here. The great thing about this story is the element of possibility.

Is it not amazing that entrepreneurs can live this lifestyle if they choose? Back in the 1990’s, if you told your family you were going to travel the country, you followed the statement with “so I can find myself.” People looked at you with pity and called you a disillusioned loser behind your back. These days, entrepreneurs can pack their belongings in a backpack and earn 6 figures a year while seeing the Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, and the Washington Monument. Vacation-like experiences don’t take a backseat to work anymore. You can do both, simultaneously, and take care of your customers like a boss. I guess those beer commercials from the 80’s and 90’s were correct…you can have it all!

The entrepreneurial life is often regarded with fear by those who aren’t sure if it’s for them. I get it. Believe me, it’s not for everyone. The risk, the uncertainty, and the pressure don’t make life comfortable all the time. But then there’s the reward, the adventure and the rush of managing your own destiny, wowing your customers, and making a dent in the universe. I, for one, will take the pain that comes along with being an entrepreneur to experience the pleasure it brings me.

If you have an idea or a passion that you’ve been pondering lately, wondering if it’s possible to earn money offering it to the world, it’s worth discussing. Maybe it starts out as a “side hustle,” or a part-time gig for now. That’s how a lot of successful businesses begin. Could the reimagined entrepreneurial life be for you?

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