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The $30 Experience-Changer

I am not much of a beach person. I love the beach…the pictures of the ocean, sunsets and sunrises on the beautiful coastline, the sound of the waves. But I am never fully prepared to visit the beach. I never have the right chair or umbrella, and the one time I actually had an umbrella, I couldn’t even get it deep enough in the sand to keep it up in the wind. It sucked. I wrote the beach off, except for quick walks in the morning or evening.

Meghan, Rylee and I went to the beach for our vacation in late July. We stayed for a glorious week, alternating between the beach and the pool. One of our ocean visits was met with overcast but beautiful weather…not too hot, and not unbearable in the sun. Later in the week, we packed up the chairs that came with our beach house and trekked down to the sand, only to find that it was HOT, sunny, and every bone in my body told me that someone would be complaining within about an hour. It would most likely be me, whining that it was too hot to be there, and then asking everyone to trek back to the car when we had just gotten comfortable.

Then, we spied this young man renting umbrellas and chairs. These chairs came with footrests and the umbrellas were already anchored to the beach. Just waiting for us. All we needed to do was rent them.

The $30 rental fee changed my entire experience.

I was immediately transported from the mindset of dread (it was so hot, and I knew I would disappoint everyone if I mentioned leaving before we had spent some time enjoying the beach) to one of complete relaxation and peace. I was cool; the chairs were more comfortable than the ones we had brought with us; and we had a place to rest when we tired of playing in the ocean waves. It was incredible.

It is my goal that we provide that same kind of experience to business owners, both of start-ups and the family businesses we serve. If we can rescue someone from the dreadful experience of juggling running the business AND being solely responsible for the financial data, I consider my day a success. 

We hear from so many of our clients that we provide them the peace of mind they need in order to do some of the other 1,000 things only they can do. Our clients don’t outsource their accounting, payroll, tax advisory and preparation, and business advisory needs because those things aren’t important; they outsource them because those duties ARE very important and need to be done by experts.

I like to think of our firm as the umbrella on the beach, waiting to provide coolness and shade in the heat of the day, while the business owners focus on riding the waves.

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