You know that I’m talking about. And you know why it happens to most of us.

Lunchtime rolls around, and you run out and grab a cheeseburger and fries. You wolf it down and then run back to your office, and about an hour and a half later, your body starts trying to break that junk down. All your energy goes into that, rather than the work you wanted to do after lunch. You continue to work, but your heart isn’t really in it, and neither is your brain. All that energy required to break down all that food isn’t being used to work, but to extract some goodness from that pound of ground beef you ate.


As I was nearly falling asleep at my desk today, I thought about something:

The 2:30 slump happens to us all the time, in lots of different areas.

Think about the time you started your new business:

• You had this great idea, so you went out and started working (6am);
• You picked up a few clients, life was uncertain but sweet, you were doing some great work, and you were energized like never before (10am);
• Your business grew into something that required more employees, and you were off and running with more work than you knew what to do with, but you were beginning to tire somewhat of the grind (12:30pm);

And then…

• You wake up and realize you’re coasting while doing work that you once cared deeply about, but it really doesn’t do much for you anymore, except pay the bills of course (2:30pm).

I think the thing I enjoy most about owning a business is the ability to change things I don’t like. For example, if I don’t like how we gather hours and other payroll info for our payroll processing clients, I work with Shelley to figure out how to do it better. 

If I don’t like how we set up new outsourced CFO clients, I sit down with Meghan and re-do our onboarding procedures. 

If I am not sure if Accounting Application X is the best thing in the world anymore, I ask Carol if she has any ideas about Accounting Application Y.

You do know that as an entrepreneur, there are very few things etched in stone, right? You don’t have to fall prey to the 2:30 slump anymore. Ever. You have the power to change things TODAY and make them as you want them. When you were an employee, wouldn’t you have loved to have that power? Of course! And now you have it.

So, don’t let the 2:30 slump get you down. Let the food digest, let your second wind kick in, and then go change the world.

Some of the best things happen in the late afternoon and night, like the Ellen DeGeneres Show and Dateline. Strap in and make something happen, but stay away from those cheeseburgers.

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