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WEEKLY THOUGHT: Godwin Start-Up School

I strongly feel that the hallmark of a true entrepreneur is the ability to recognize opportunities. 

Entrepreneurs aren’t always rich; they aren’t always educated in expensive institutions, and they aren’t always living in the most affluent areas. But you can bet on one thing…entrepreneurs can recognize opportunities while others are still wondering how much longer than can sleep and still arrive at work on time.

Opportunities exist everywhere. They’re not always wearing name tags that blatantly spell out what they are, but they’re out there. You have to dig for them. You have to try things that don’t work to uncover the things that do work. You have to test theories, ask questions, and stay up late examining results.

You guys are trailblazers.

You may not feel like it; you may feel like you’re in an industry that has too many inhabitants for you to make a huge difference. But rest assured that you are blazing a trail. There are so many people who are don’t try, whether it’s out of fear or complacency. But you’re on the front lines…creating jobs and opportunities for others, forging relationships with vendors who depend on you for income, and you’re exposing your own opportunities that bring you profit. By your very nature, as an entrepreneur, you’re making waves that you don’t ever see or feel.

Don’t stop looking for opportunities. If you keep an open mind, and learn to be receptive, you’ll see them. Opportunities reveal themselves to those of us who are open to them. Why would something as valuable as an opportunity waste itself on someone who doesn’t care to explore it? It wouldn’t! But you are inquisitive; you are open-minded; and you’re ready to take that opportunity and build on it to make something great, not only for your benefit, but for ours.

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