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It's OK If It's Not For You

I was home sick yesterday, which hardly ever happens. But I felt pretty rotten, and against every fiber of my being, I left work early to lie down on my couch and try to feel better. When I got home, I didn’t want to read anything, but I decided to try and watch an episode of “The Walking Dead.” I had never seen one, and the show was in the news with the start of the current season. What better time to start watching than now, I thought?

Violence in TV and movies seldom bothers me. For some reason, however, I just couldn’t get into “The Walking Dead.” Maybe I needed to give it more time, but yesterday it completely seemed like something I would be fine with never watching again. For me, it was over the top. (Lovers of the TV show just decided I was crazy, I know.)

I recently read “Start” by Jon Acuff. I really enjoyed it (here is the link to his website and the book, so go and buy it right now), and I’ve recommended it to many entrepreneurs in our Start-Up School. In a section titled “Be a Student of You,” he writes the following when commenting on how you should read and digest his recommendations in the book:

“Measure each action we discuss against what you know to be true of yourself. Be a student of you, and then choose your own means of travel through these stages. I can only describe their existence and offer suggestions on traversing them that have worked for me and other travelers I’ve met along the way. The point is not that you copy exactly what I’ve done. The point is that you take the principles, customize them to what you know of yourself, and keep moving through the lands.” - Chapter 4, Learning

Everywhere you look, there are helpful hints about how to start your day like the millionaire of the hour; if only you could wake up at 3am every day, you’d be successful; if you could only use the 246 most popular apps, your day would be amazing; and so on.

Nothing against those people, but they don’t know me.

They don’t know what I do every day, nor do they know about my past experiences or future endeavors. For instance, getting up at 4:30am (the new most popular time to rise and shine) is not possible for me. Why? I love to sleep, that’s why. I don’t get up until I have to. But my most successful days are built around getting up at around 6:40am. That works for me. You may tell me that waking up at 5am makes you roar like a lion, and you can conquer the world. Go for it! Just don’t wake me up in the process.

Entrepreneurs, it’s OK if the next “best practices” list isn’t for you.And don’t let the people who write these articles and post these links make you feel bad. You have to do what works for you. Do you feel inadequate because you don’t know what all those things are yet? Shame on you…cut yourself a break! You don’t have to know it all right now. Life changes; your needs and wants change; your circumstances change. Maybe you like waking up at 9am now, and maybe next year you’ll have to change. It’s OK. We are all works in progress, right?

Find what works for you, and then blow the doors off the joint. We are waiting patiently for you.

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