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WEEKLY THOUGHT: Godwin Start-Up School

Have you ever looked back on a choice you made and pondered how different your life would have been had you done something else?

I went through that exercise the other day while visiting Columbia, SC for a tax conference. I began my college years at The University of South Carolina and then ended up at Clemson University to finish my final year and a half of study. It was really strange, exhilarating, frightening, enlightening, and exhausting to examine all the many things that could be different now had I not moved to Clemson.

As an entrepreneur, you’re going to do this over and over again (sometimes multiple times in a day). I’m going through an exercise right now regarding some additional training that I want to undertake. There are two great choices, but I think one of them is the better choice and now I’m building a case in my brain for that decision.

Spending money on your choice inherently makes it more challenging unless the dollar amount of the expense is negligible. This time of year brings so many decisions for my entrepreneurial clients, as they close the year and look for ways to reduce tax exposure. Those choices all come with a price tag, so we help them weigh the options and find the best and wisest use of the money relative to the benefit.

Choices come in all sizes and magnitude, so make sure you expend your finite amount of daily focus on the choices that REALLY matter…those that shape your company’s destiny, or will make a large impact moving forward. Focus and discipline are not infinite, so don’t spend time focusing on the little things that don’t matter much in the grand scheme. Delegate those choices, or make them really fast and move on.

What choices are you expending energy on today? Are there things that you need to discuss with us? Let us know, and share that thought process with us so we can help you move forward.

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