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Thoughts on Growing Pains

My team and I have been working with many of you over the past months as your businesses have grown. You’ve been talking with me about your growing pains, and we’ve built out projections and cash flow forecasts to help you deal with some of those pain points. We’ve also talked at length about how you, as the entrepreneurs, feel about this growth and how your roles have changed inside your companies.


As summer approaches, we are now beginning to experience our own growing pains. We’ve added some great new clients this year, but at the same time, we’ve lost an employee and now we’re scrambling a bit to replace her. I have begun to experience, personally, the pains of having more tax-related work than I can complete on my own and now I’m looking for additional assistance there. So, in a meeting last week, I found myself making the following statement:


“We hit a milestone last year with our gross revenue, and I wondered what life would be like on the north side of that number. I’m seeing it now, and I don’t know if I like it very much.”


I’ve heard you guys make similar statements. So, is growth really all it’s cracked up to be?


Growth is necessary for your businesses to thrive and continue to provide you with profit so that you can continue to do great things for current and future clients…so that you can pay that profit forward to do great things for your families, and your vendors, and other people you will never meet in person. But, some days, when you’re sitting alone and wondering how you’ll get all the work done, that growth can make you feel completely overwhelmed and very lonely at the same time. Lonely, mostly because you feel like there are so few people who understand what you’re going through, or because you’ve talked yourself to death with your spouse or business partner and you’re just tired of talking about it.


I’ve had to give myself some pep talks this week. As I sit here right now, I can more easily remember the days that wore me out and beat me down quicker than I can remember a “homerun” day. As we grow, I’m becoming aware that I’ll have to travel through those meat-grinder-like days to get on the other side. It feels a lot like my third year in business in that respect. Since we just celebrated our 16th year in business, I know it’ll get better and I won’t feel as maxed out. I know for sure that when we move through the growing pains and reap the rewards of the growth, I’ll feel much better as I share those rewards and pay them forward. And then the rollercoaster ride begins again….


Stay in touch with me as you experience those growing pains. I can, without hesitation, say that I’m right there with you. I’m getting pretty good at pep talks, so I’m happy to give you one, too!


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