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Godwin Start-Up School 2.0

Godwin Start-Up School is a huge success. It has also allowed me to do everything I love doing as a CPA. I get to meet inspiring entrepreneurs with fantastic ideas, listen as they describe their fears about running a business, teach them how to understand their numbers, plan for taxes, and forecast their cash flow. I am one of the luckiest people alive!

And now, I’m going to be THE luckiest….

In September, we are moving our office to a new location. We are almost tripling our office size by adding 8 private offices and a new co-working space, all within our firm’s walls! What in the world are we doing, you ask?

We are going all in for entrepreneurship.

We are building an environment of innovation and open communication between our clients and their CPA team. How cool is it to have your entire financial team just down the hall, available for questions when you need them? Our clients are already part of our family. Now they get to live with us, too!

As soon as we have a definitive move date, we will update our website with more details, such as the lease rate on the private offices and co-work spaces. There are advantages galore here…a place to get your mail, free and no-hassle parking, a conference room for your large meetings if you need it, all the coffee you can drink, and Godwin & Associates CPA.

55% of all communication is non-verbal, so while we love Zoom and Skype, email, and occasionally the phone, we know from experience that in-person interaction takes us all to new levels of success. What would it mean to have someone weigh in on a proposal you’re sending to a prospect RIGHT THEN, as opposed to sending an email and waiting until tomorrow or the next day? How about understanding the tax impact of a decision you need to make today, as opposed to waiting for an answer from us via email? Could you get your entrepreneurial juices flowing by working next door to other successful entrepreneurs? That’s the community we are going to build, right alongside you. A hub of successful entrepreneurs, interacting together, learning from each other, and becoming more profitable along the way.

Join us, or recommend us to a friend. We’re here to help as many entrepreneurs as we can.

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