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From Humble Beginnings

Sometimes, it is just a folding chair and a fax machine.

Like every entrepreneur, I was so excited when I decided to make the jump.  I had rented an old house on Whitsett Street in Greenville SC, I had an office telephone number, and my desktop Gateway computers were on the way!  I had this grand vision of what my office would look like based on too many years of watching Dallas as a child and LA Law as a college student, and as you may guess, reality was a bit different.

My first day in my new office, May 22, 2002, looked something like this:

  • A newly painted office….bright yellow paint on grasscloth wallpaper
  • A folding chair that could have been stolen from any church basement
  • A padded blue card-table that I borrowed from my mother and father, which had been used at our last Thanksgiving celebration
  • A fax machine roughly the size of a Fiat…the old faxes that actually had telephone receivers on them (which was helpful since I had no office phones yet)
  • A Dell laptop that I had charged on my credit card
  • A Nokia cell phone, in case I couldn’t get the fax receiver to work

I had no assistant.  I had no coffee machines or copiers yet.  I had no rugs, so the hardwoods echoed like an empty warehouse.  I certainly wasn’t JR Ewing or Michael Kuzak (those of you too young to remember those names, Google them right now).

But it was mine.  And I was thrilled beyond words.  I was ready to get to work, and later that same day, I had my first client.  I was off to the races, and I was certain that nothing could stop me. 

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