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Don’t Make Resolutions…Make 3 Changes Instead!

I love reading stories about gyms in January. You know the drill…you visit your gym just before Christmas and there are about 4 people there. You go back on January 5, and there are 100 people there, stumbling around the elliptical and looking like deer in headlights. Give those extra 95 people about three weeks, and a Valentine’s Day dinner with their spouse, and you’ll never see them again. The chocolate molten lava cake did them in!

Resolutions are crap. Change is where the real reward lies. Give these 3 changes a try in 2017:

Assess your work environment – Are you still working in the same room, at the same desk and office chair, with the same calendar on your desktop from 2009? Maybe you need a change of scenery. I just moved my office to a different room because we hired a new part-time team member (and I hear that you need to make sure they have a place to sit these days), and I’m shocked at how cool it feels to work there, facing a different direction, with different surroundings. I’m not saying it turbo-charged my tax-reduction-creating muscles, but it feels like a positive change. That’s nice sometimes.

So, to avoid boredom and feeling like you’re static and staid, move some stuff around. Get a new chair. Move to an online calendar and get rid of that calendar on your desk. Sometimes, just a slight change in your routine can trigger a part of your brain that has been falling asleep at the wheel.

Give your processes and procedures a tune-up – Do you still have the same policies and procedures in place that you made up when you started your business? Do you even have policies and procedures? I guess I should have asked that first.

At any rate, if you don’t have documented policies and procedures, make some time in January to document them. You don’t have to use pencil and paper…you can type them up and store them digitally, or create a spreadsheet that houses all the important things that you do to make the trains run on time. But you need to document them. What happens if you get hit by a bus tomorrow morning? Does your business partner/spouse/janitor know how to pay your vendors and employees? Do they know how to order postage? Do they know how to order toner for the copier/printer? Documented procedures take a business to the next level. I promise.

Make becoming “better” a priority – My wife loves to say that it’s easier to stay well than to get better. You know it’s true. It’s so much better for you to maintain health and become stronger than it is to work back to health from a position of sickness. As the visionary of your business, you need to continually make yourself “better” than you were the day before. You need to read, learn, talk with other entrepreneurs, share, listen...make sure that you are educating yourself and becoming a better entrepreneur, leader, spouse, and parent. Whatever your roles, continue to strive for “better” this year. It’s so easy to get bogged down in the junk of the world, but at the end of the day, it is completely up to you how you finish the day/week/month. You get my point. There’s no one to blame in a year if you aren’t better except you, my friend.

We have done some amazing work with entrepreneurs this past year, some of which doesn’t involve accounting or taxes. We have worked through pricing concepts, offered advice on hiring, and helped business owners define their roles more accurately. There’s so much more to a business’ success than focusing solely on profit. These other factors help drive profit, so if you’re not as profitable as you want to be, maybe the problem isn’t going to be found by looking at the P&L. Maybe you need to look elsewhere and make some changes….let us know if we can be of help.

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